Residential Building Wooden Construction Job

About WZM Construction

At WZM, Inc., we strive to be transparent and communicative throughout every step of the construction  process. Customer experience is personalized for every construction project, as our clients work with one of our  experts. We design & build your construction goals – streamlining communication and results as well as  completely new home builds, including new and refurbished outdoor decking. As specialists in Home  Remodeling including Residential Kitchen and Baths, we relish the opportunity to collaborate with  homeowners and deliver their dreams within deadline and a budget. Multi-Family Commercial  Construction serves as the other half of our business, with our team specializing in full ADA accessible  and coded apartment buildings. We’re ready to tackle your next project.


Sarah Akridge


Sarah Ackridge is a Navy veteran with a history of customer service and a background in electrical work. Facing a crossroads in career choice in 2019, between the safety of the service industry or her passion for the craftsman trade and ultimately being her own boss, she decided to join the WZM family. Starting in the second quarter of WZM’s maiden year of operation, Sarah worked her way from an entry level laborer to being a proficient trim carpenter. After honing her skills, she rapidly ascended to a leadership role and was training new employees. Motivated by the desire to grow the company from within, Sarah shifted to a clerical role and began streamlining the procedural aspects of WZM. Within six months of that position she became 51 % owner and a Class-C licensed contractor and assumed responsibilities associated with that of a CEO.

Wade Briscoe


Wade Briscoe is the founder and cornerstone idealist of WZM. Initially starting the company as a joint venture with a former partner, Wade jumped in with both feet into his new trade. Coming from a background of service industry and customer relations jobs enables him to hear the idea, create the plan, and bring it to fruition. Wade has always excelled at learning and retaining knowledge. In the first year of business the company gained a large local contract to build an apartment complex in their hometown of Lawrence, KS. This project served as Wade’s learning foundation for the basics of framing and finish carpentry. Within the first month on the project Wade was learning and leading simultaneously. His retention and execution as well as his leadership skills was vital in the completion of this contract, and certified his stance as a legitimate force in the construction world. Wade is leading the company and its employees forward as President of the Board.

Wayne Briscoe


Wayne Briscoe is an Army veteran and has served as WZM’s CFO since the company’s inception. He has a history in Law as a student and as a former owner of a paralegal services company, as well as an extensive background in customer management and sales through former employment at Sprint and other telecommunication companies. Wayne’s utilizes his professional communication skills to find and pursue resources to gain low interest working capital loans and federal grant opportunities. With Wayne’s assistance in that regard, the company has been granted over a quarter of a million dollars in federal funding since early 2020.

Brad Zacher


Brad Zacher joined WZM as a full time employee in their second quarter of operation as a framer and trim carpenter. With an extensive history in framing and general construction, he became an immediate asset as a proficient carpenter and teacher. Brad has over 25 years of experience in carpentry that is evident in his expertise. The quality of his work and leadership was not lost on management, and after pursuing employment as a fulltime employee for over a year Brad was offered a position on the board of directors with the associated title of “Chief of Operations.” Within this position he is able to grow his leadership abilities while also conducting and managing job sites and specialized trainings. Brad brings a big picture, sky-scraper view to WZM with his contributing goals and desires for the company to pursue.