Large expensive chefs kitchen in luxury home with rough hewn wood and white cabinets.

Residential Construction

Designing and building a custom home is a lifelong dream for many. It is a process that should be trusted to and overseen A-Z by experienced professionals with a passion for delivering, with unparalleled communication and attention to detail. At WZM we are proud to say we’ve had the privilege of delivering this dream to our clients time and time again.  Crystal clear communication between our design team and clients to our construction crew has been the key to our success in going above and beyond in our new home construction.

New Home Construction

Our team tackles all work with equal expertise and precision, but our favorite projects are building new homes and neighborhoods for the communities that we serve. Our experts completely oversee every detail of the building process from the grade site preparation to the very last stroke of paint on your home. WZM specializes in framing, roofing, siding, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, drywall, trim, countertops, cabinetry, and more all In-House, ensuring that every step of your new home build gets the oversight and attention that it needs and deserves. Communication is key to a successful building project, and our project managers take pride in transparency with our clients.


Whether you are building your dream kitchen around a chef’s island with custom cabinetry and countertops or refreshing your galley to suit your needs, redesigning and remodeling your kitchen is one of the best ways to transform your home. Flooring, countertops, faucets, hinges, and handles are all important details that our designers emphasize to complete the custom feel of your new kitchen. Our design specialists work to design an ideal layout for your unique space, maximizing flow and functionality. We help you make the most out of your kitchen for optimal comfort or resale value. Get started with your free quote today.


Combining sterility and style into design is key to a bathroom remodel. Our custom options make virtually any design you can imagine possible, our design experts work with you every step of the way to optimize every square inch of space in your new bathroom build, renewing it as a sanctuary in your home. Optimize comfort and make your bathroom an oasis with a clawfoot tub and palatial features tailored to your every need or maximize square footage by installing a custom tiled shower with built-in shelving; tight and awkward spaces are a challenge that our team specializes in tackling.

Photo of Finished Custom Flooring

Custom Flooring

The foundation for any new build or remodel, your choice of flooring will be one of the most important you make for your home. Broadloom and modular carpet, hardwood, concrete, brick, stone, tiles and grout installation are handled in house by our flooring experts. Installing spindles and banisters can also be a part of the flooring process and our team specializes in this tedious, highly skilled task. Your flooring installation will be clean and stressless with no surprises, besides the masterful efficiency of our experts.